Land animal- birds

(1) Species and number
Bird survey found 12 categories, 30 families, 60 genus, 1544 animals. The recorded bird species are black crown Ma Lu, Tsui wing dove, yellow mouth owl, white-tailed robin, thrush, red-bellied tit, green flowerpeckers, Formosan Blue Magpie. The rest are generally seen in plain to low altitude mountains. The vast majority was terrestrial nature bird species; water birds are little egrets, black crown Ma Lu, White-bellied Crake, small ring-necked plover, sandpiper, kingfisher, lead-colored Thrush.

(2)Specialized species
The survey results recorded 4 bird species endemic to Taiwan, namely Taiwan Whistling Thrush, White-eared thrush, Yellow-breasted Tau eyebrow, and Formosan Blue Magpie. There are 28 endemic subspecies of birds, namely crested goshawk, crested serpent eagle, bamboo chicken, pinto neck doves, dove back gold, yellow mouth owl, the birds, black bulbul, bulbul, white ring parrotfish Bulbul, white-tailed Robin, lead-colored thrush, head black line, fulvetta, thrush, a large scimitar, a small scimitar, mountain red head, pink parrot, Taiwan Xiaoying, brown head Wren Warbler, black-naped Blue Flycatcher, green backed tit, red-bellied tit, green flowerpeckers small capuchin, Drongo, tree magpie. As specialized species adapted to the environment of Taiwan evolved, the amount of specialized species often represent Taiwan's native environment. As for the investigation site environment, the degree of specialization is moderate.

(3)Endangered Species
The survey found 8 secondary endangered bird species: crested goshawk, crested serpent eagle, green winged dove, collared scops owl yellow mouth, thrush, red-bellied Tit, Formosan Blue Magpie; 8 third-degree endangered species, namely Grizzlemaw minivet, red-tailed shrike, white-tailed Robin, Taiwan Whistling Thrush, lead-colored thrush, white-eared thrush, yellow-breasted Tau eyebrow, and green backed tit.

(4)Migratory properties
Among the 60 bird species found in the survey, 2 summer migratory birds, namely the cuckoo and swallow were found and 5 winter migratory birds.

(5)Dominant population

From the individual amount of the birds in the survey, the dominant populations in the park are sparrows, swifts, white-eye, red dove, bulbul, accounting for 44.8% of the total birds. Small Swift, bulbul, white-eye and wide distribution sparrow, woods, thickets and manual can be found near the woods, bushes, and buildings; red dove is distributed in the farmlands and adapted to the environment of Atayal Resort.