Land animals- butterflies

(1)Species and number
Butterfly survey recorded 5 families, 15 subfamilies, 61 genera, 94 species and 1145 butterflies. The butterflies in the park are those in secondary forest and its edges, orchards, and grasslands. The species is abundant. The Resort planted a variety of herbivores and nectar plants that attract a large number of butterflies, where white butterflies are only originally seen in Taiwan's northern coast and southern Eluanbi peninsula, but because of the planted vines, they are found in the area resulting from open captivity.

(2)Specialized species
The season survey found 3 endemic species, namely Taiwan butterflies, Penglai ring Vanessa (Puli three wire butterfly), Taiwan waves Satyridae (large ripple Janome butterfly), which are common species in plains and low altitude areas.