Land plants

Atayal Resort survey found a total of 384 families 133 genera and 500 species,
which were found in the park:
Ferns 20 families and 32 genera and 38 species, including two species of trees,
36 herbaceous, are native species; Gymnosperms 6 families,
12 genera and 16 species, including 13 species of trees, three kinds of shrubs,
including two kinds of endemic species, two kinds of native species,
12 kinds of cultivated species, two kinds of rare species;
Dicotyledons 90 families 274 genera and 371 species,
including 123 kinds of trees, 90 kinds of shrubs, 52 kinds of vines,
104 herbaceous,contains 11 kinds of endemic species,
220 kinds of native species, 40 kinds of naturalized species,
100 kinds of cultivated species, a kinds of rare species;
Single leave plants have 17 families and 66 genera and
75 species including 14 species of trees, three kinds of shrubs, six kinds of vines,
52 herbaceous species, including five kinds of endemic species, 41 kinds of native species,
four kinds of naturalized species, 25 kinds of cultivated species.

The resort is a natural degree of secondary forest vegetation, resulting in large number of species in this survey.
One of the more special ones is a large number of ornamental plants growing inside the resort,
so cultivated and naturalized species occupy a very high proportion of species, in which a few rare species are seen.