Rare endemic plants

During the investigation found that one kind of rare plants as required by statute – formosana.
Formosana has now become a large horticultural species planted.
Another two kinds of rare species, namely:

● Podocarpus costalis Pres
Leaves linear-oblanceolate, apex rounded, rarely, margin slightly reversed.
Male cones inflorescence solitary, sessile. Distributed in the rocky coast of Lanyu.

● Barringtonia racemosa (L.) Blume ex DC.
Small trees, branches drooping. Leaves oblong-obovate, base to tip round,
apex shortly acuminate, up to 35 cm, wide 14 cm. Spikes or axillary, drooping, up to 80 cm;
petals oblong, light green or light pink. Fruit ovate oblong, up to 7 cm, with inconspicuous rectangular.
Distribute in southern and northern coast.

These two kinds of species are native to Taiwan, but the original habitat distribution is more limited.
However, in recent years they have become a kind of ornamental plant species,
and therefore do not result in the extinction in Atayal Resort.

In the aspects of endemic plants, 18 species were found: formosana, Taiwan five pine, Tashiro's Zeeland,
Taiwan lung-shaped grass, small terrier Litsea, big leaf Nan, Nan Xiang, white chicken, Taiwan Polygonum,
barrels Uncaria, Taiwan Luan tree, upi Jioucyong, wing stem pink rattan, Formosa lily, Taiwan white,
and blue Alishan root ganglia, three Chennai and long Artichokes.
Endemic species are widely distributed in low altitude mountains.