Land animals- Amphibians

◆ Reptile
(1)Species and number
The survey found 4 families 16 genera of 684 amphibians, 13 families, 13 genera, 132 reptiles. The frogs recorded mainly appeaer in the drains, small streams, and the humid forest grass habitat. Black rain Mengxi's relatively rare frog, spotted frog, Gunder's brown frog, Bullfrog are less popular.

(2)Specialized species
The survey results found six kinds of endemic amphibians and reptiles, respectively, toads, brown tree frog, frog face day, Mohs tree frog, Swinhoe's Japalura, and Taiwan grass lizard.

(3)Endangered Species
The survey results found seven kinds of secondary endangered species of reptiles, namely black Mengxi's rain frog, Gunder's brown frog, Bullfrog, brown tree frog, tree frog Mohs, and Taiwan grass lizard.