Land animals- mammals

(1)Species and number
Mammal survey recorded a total of 6 categories, 8 genera, 11 species, and 69 animals, including squirrel, agouti, ferret badger is less common species. The rest are generally common species in plain and lower altitude mountain. The survey found the Formosan macaque, squirrel, ferret badgers are found in secondary forests outside the park or traces of individual activities; Formosan leaf-nosed bat is found habitant in and outside the park's natural cave; Taiwan hare is found on the south side of the park in the riverbed of Beigang Creek.

(2)Specialized species
The survey found a total of five mammals endemic to Taiwan:
Formosan macaques, Formosan leaf-nosed bat, moon rat, agouti,
and a small yellow-bellied rat.
Three kinds of endemic subspecies mammals were found:
Taiwan hare, squirrel, ferret badger.

(3)Endangered Species
protected species: Formosan macaques.

(4)Dominant population
The mammals in Atayal Resort were constituted of commonly seen mammals of plain to low altitude species. Seen from the observe and capture results, the regional advantages are terrestrial mammals such as squirrels, agouti, and Formosan leaf-nosed bat found in larger quantities as Chiroptera mammals.

(5)Overall analysis

Although the park and its surrounding 1000 meter range has vast secondary forest habitat, disturbed by human, a large number of mammals may be affected and therefore not easy to be found. In the amusement park and area near the road, only have small rodents' distribution besides squirrels due to human activities.