Paddling pool

Emphasize on living enjoyment, release emotional pressure to energize people that "health is priceless."
With the original spring from Hehuanshan, a mountain-like pool was built with ergonomics and water features.
Strong current generated by air and water pump achieve the pleasure of spa.

The surface was paved with Taiwan pebbles,
which were treated with anti-slip to assure safety.
The wall of the pool was made with pebbles to create the
feeling of waterfall so that people will have a feeling of
bathing in the wild mountains.
The water of the pool comes from Guandao Mountain.
As the water resource is unlimited,
the pool adopted the principle that water flows from high
place to lower place.
The water is not recycled to get the purest quality.

Open hours:Summer times
※In order to avoid lightning, it will stop service in the event of cloudy and rainy days.