Proved by professional exploration techniques, Atayal Resort has abundant springs underground from Hehuanshan to Hongxian, Ruiyan, Meiyuan, to Beigang Creek. There is a spring surfacing at Jiuxian Creek of the stream of Beigang Creek (inside Asapension with Vacation). The temperature is 48℃ and shares the same source with Atayal Resort as Hongxian and Ruiyan springs.

Named from aboriginal culture, "Atayal Spring" has the area near 1000 pings. It is divided into 8 pools: high temperature, mild temperature, cold spring, high oxygen, massage spring, and Zen waterfall. In order to maintain the water quality of the spring, we do not use circulate facility, which is mostly used by general springs. Instead, we adopt direct injection diversion and leakage to assure the water quality.

"The spring water of Atayal Spring is excellent without pollution. It was named by former Vice President Lu Xiu-Liang as "Hehuan Saint Spring." Since 2002 to date, the spring has held many spring gourmet carnivals and Nantou Spring Season with Tourism Bureau and Nantou County Government. We introduce the most excellent spring to each visitor."

※In order to avoid lightning, open spring area will stop service in the event of cloudy and rainy days.

Open hours Location Explanation
Atayal Springs The spring is next to Ruiyan and Hongxian Springs.
The spring is analyzed as "carbonated spring.
" Former Vice President named it "Hehuan Saint Spring.
" World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy recommends "excellent carbonated spring."
We have many spa facilities in the Resort.

※For sanitary and environmental protection, the springs open by hours.
15:00~22:00 Atayal Springs SPA